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Kann ich mir mit die (Flipkarte) aus der Bibliothek holen?
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[G] Eiself / [R] Blinky / [G/R] Rantog + Matrix / [W/G/U/B/R] LSD / The Bloodpack / Average Suicide / Spring Tide / [G] Average Weenie / Tribal Zombies / [R/W] Tribal Giants / [U/W] Tribal Rebels / [U/W] Tribal Birds / Demon / [G] Tribal Elfball / [G/W] Tribal Slivers / Tribal Merfolk / [B/G/W] Tribal Loam Knights / [G] Tribal Snakes

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508.2. In every zone other than the in-play zone, and also in the in-play zone before the permanent flips, a flip card has only the normal characteristics of the card. Once a permanent in the in-play zone is flipped, its normal name, text box, type line, power, and toughness don’t apply and the alternative versions of those characteristics apply instead.
Kurz und bündig: Nein. Du schaust immer nur die obere Hälfte an.
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Teferi and Jesus actually have quite a lot in common. They both gave their lifes to safe a world. The main difference is that Teferi can be played as an instant.
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